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PFF - The Future

Future PlansPioneer Fish Farm has some major projects in the planning stage.

Now that Stage 1 of earth works has been completed PFF are going to start on updating some of our associated infrastructure. In the next couple of years we hope to build a new purging facility at our Bucketts Road site. At present our fish are purged at our facility at Thunderbolts Way.

Also in our plans for the next couple of years is the construction of a managers residence at the fish farm at Bucketts Road.

One of the most exciting aspects of the future is the completion of the trial breeding program which has been undertaken by Don and Mark Scifleet. For the past 12 months the PFF crew have been experimenting with selective crossing of fish to try and achieve, faster growth rates, higher levels of fish flesh per Kg and fish shape. We are pleased to say that the first of these fish we affectionately call "Pioneer Perch" will be ready for market in June or July 2001. These Pioneer Perch are a F1 cross between a Silver Perch and a Welch Grunter.

After the above projects have been undertaken the PFF crew will be starting on the earth works on stage 2. When our Fish Farm is completed (approx mid 2003) PFF will have a production area of approximatly 7.5 Ha of water.

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